Why TaaSera

Changing the Game

Traditional security solutions have become the new Maginot Line. Despite spending millions on layered defense in depth, attackers simply go around, and nine of ten companies end up compromised.

It’s a losing battle: the time from intrusion to data breach continues to shrink. Worse yet, it usually takes months to discover an ongoing breach attempt. By then it’s too late.

When the field is stacked against you, it's time to change players.

Post-infection, Pre-breach Behaviors

Defense in DEPTH

Traditional defense in depth focuses primarily on preventing exploits, malware delivery and intrusions. But this strategy leaves a significant gap.

Before a data breach occurs, the most dangerous activities occur after the initial intrusion and infection. These hidden post-infection, pre-breach behaviors include staging, reconnaissance, propagation, obfuscation, data acquisition, insider threats, and ultimately, the exfiltration or loss of data.

Intrusion detection, antivirus and security event management don't prevent every attack, and stop short of readily addressing the critical post-infection behaviors shown by malware and insider threats as they move laterally across IT systems.

Before TaaSera, security analysts were left in the dark until after the damage was done.

Detection Before the Breach

Attack in DEPTH™

It’s time IT security teams shift their focus from defense in depth to an Attack in DEPTH model (Deliver, Evade, Persist and Take Hold).

Adversaries exploit vulnerabilities and users to DELIVER malware. They next EVADE detection by perimeter defenses, leaving no trace for solutions dependent on log and event data. They bypass antivirus and heuristics detection to PERSIST on servers and endpoints. Finally, they TAKE HOLD across the network to exfiltrate and destroy data, causing disruptions to business continuity.

Preemptive Breach Detection interdicts adversaries through early detection of post-infection, pre-breach behaviors that remain unseen by traditional defense in depth.


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