TaaSera NetTrust Turns SIEM into a Powerful Preemptive Breach Detection Engine

TaaSera's Preemptive Breach Detection System Integrates Operational Intelligence and Machine Data Solutions to Improve Security Monitoring Efforts

CUPERTINO, Calif. and MCLEAN, Va., July 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- TaaSera Inc., the leading provider of preemptive breach detection for cybersecurity, today announced the availability of TaaSera NetTrust for Security Information and Event Management Systems (SIEM) users. For the first time, users can integrate NetTrust’s preemptive breach detection solution into their security management applications and further maximize existing investments. The integration of NetTrust into SIEM operational intelligence and machine data solutions enables users to improve security monitoring efforts by streamlining the discovery of at-risk and compromised systems to detect breaches before data is lost, damaged or stolen.

Turning SIEM platforms into preemptive breach detection engines powered by TaaSera NetTrust helps analysts and security teams to quickly isolate and remediate at-risk systems before data is lost, damaged, stolen or business continuity is interrupted. CEF log connectors deliver a dashboard using TaaSera’s patented “Threat DNA” mapping technology to identify otherwise hidden network behaviors at runtime, and to analyze contextual evidence while integrating tightly within SIEM ecosystems. Users have access to real-time visualizations of network systems at the greatest risk of breach, and the ability to identify the precise indicators of compromise (IOCs), in the right context and at the right time, to provide a more actionable early warning system for breach containment and response.

“Because malware is increasingly able to avoid leaving traces in logs, critical IOCs and similar pre-breach behaviors can go unrecognized by SIEMs allowing dangerous and malicious activity to go undetected within a network’s perimeter,” said Ivan Shefrin, Vice President of Security Solutions at TaaSera. “With many of TaaSera’s customers invested in SIEM platforms, we are ensuring that they have access to the best possible data and analytics necessary to act in time before sensitive information, business continuity and reputations suffer due to data breaches.” 

“Effective, proactive breach defense takes a layered approach. There are certain complementary solutions that give security teams a leg-up in defending against cyber attacks,” said Richard Ullom, Technology Security Manager, Western Reserve Group, an Ohio-based domiciled property and casualty insurance company. “Layering TaaSera’s NetTrust on top of our SIEM gives me critical visibility into network behaviors that other solutions can’t see. We are able to isolate and remediate systems at risk of breach before any major damage is done.”

NetTrust SIEM users can drill-down to determine a number of key metrics, including: systems at highest risk from active breach attempts, the source of the threats, specific details about vulnerabilities and risks detected, and attackers by Country.

About TaaSera, Inc.

TaaSera is the leader in Preemptive Breach Detection Systems (BDS). With clear evidence that nine out of 10 enterprise environments are already compromised by exploited vulnerabilities and malware, TaaSera provides solutions to detect evidence of pending data breaches before data is lost or stolen.

Based on cyber security research by SRI International, TaaSera’s unique platform is protected by 9 patents around technology that maps the “Threat DNA” patterns of malicious coordinated network and endpoint behaviors without the use of signatures or sandboxes. The TaaSera team is comprised of security architects and subject matter experts with decades of experience in firewalls, intrusion detection, security event management, malware analysis and endpoint security.

TaaSera has offices in Cupertino, CA and McLean, VA. For more information, please visit taasera.com or follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/taasera.

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