Preemptive Breach Intervention | TaaSera AWARE

Infection Lifecycle Analysis

After several years of joint research with SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute), TaaSera developed a patented technology for identifying malware based on an twelve-stage lifecycle of behavioral activity.

Despite a virtually limitless number of code variants, all malware exhibits at least two of these lifecycle stages, with breaches and exfiltration frequently occurring after just three. TaaSera monitors the run-time integrity of IT networks and systems, and correlates the results against life cycle behavior. This methodology allows TaaSera to quickly identify every type of malware threat without the use of signatures or sandboxes, and with an extremely low number of false positives.

TaaSera bases its run-time analysis on the following classes of activities.

  1. Inbound Scan
  2. Inbound Attack
  3. Spontaneous Attack
  4. Client-Side Exploit
  5. Egg Download
  6. Device Infection
  7. Local Reconnaissance
  8. Network Surveillance
  9. C&C Communications
  10. Peer Coordination
  11. Attack Preparation
  12. Malicious Outbound Propagation